AXON, is all about your most valuable resource, people. Our Recruitment Team specializes in the placement of mid to senior level management professionals across all countries.

AXON has access to an extensive pool of talented professionals and possesses the in-depth expertise that has helped form successful matches. The goal of Axon is to understand each clients company culture and other compatibility issues that are critical to making a successful match between employer and employee.

In an increasingly tight market, Executive Search is the only way to secure the right mix of skills, experience and cultural compatibility. At Axon, executive search involves drawing on our consultants local and global knowledge of the managerial market within each industry, and an exhaustive network of relevant industry contacts.

Our Search Process

Introductory Consultations - Client describes the requirements of the position, gives a briefing about the companys goals, organizational relationships, competitive environment and other issues relevant in assessing the needs of the company. We make initial inputs and help refine objectives.

Position Specification - We prepare an outline of the responsibilities, required qualifications and criteria for success. This is the basis for initial discussions with candidates or relevant contacts. An action plan is also agreed upon in terms of timing for the major steps in the search, specially client contact and interviews.

Strategy and Research - The GTI Specialist Team studies the relevant industry and makes a thorough analysis of the market conditions and trends affecting clients business as well as where the companys work candidates will come from. We devise a search strategy in identifying candidates. These entail determining the right mix of search tools -- placing ads, checking our own database, identifying specific target companies, positions or candidates, and even the manner of approaching and attracting candidates.

Candidate Identification - Our extensive network of contacts in target industries enables us to identify solid prospects. AXON Recruitment conducts interviews and narrows down the selection. Complete information on the selected candidates and why each could be a good match to the requirement is sent in a report to client.

Reference Checking - We gather inputs from people who are in a position to make relevant comments on the candidates technical competency, management ability, integrity and personal character. These confidential reference checks are done as early as possible in the search process.

Client-Candidate Interviews - We arrange mutually convenient meetings between client and lead candidates. Both client and candidate are fully briefed prior to the meeting.

Candidate Evaluations - We immediately discuss feedback with both client and candidate. We assist the client, if necessary, in rating candidates versus specifications, to facilitate preferences or conclusions.

Completion of Search - In this sensitive phase of negotiations leading to the acceptance of the offer, we can assist in the discussions and final requirements such as contract and compensation structuring, if the client requests.

Follow-up - We continue to monitor developments after the offer is accepted until the successful candidate is in place. We are on the lookout for any issues that may still need to be resolved to effect a smooth integration of the candidate into clients team. All processes in every search project are fully documented. This information becomes prime reference facilitating future search requirements. We look upon an initial search as the beginning of a long-term professional partnership with your organization.


Foreign Workers

Our International Recruitment Services

Providing an immigration advice is often a service that we offer as part of recruitment package to our prospective and current clients. Apart from this, a look at some of the other value added services offered by us are:

• Manpower consultancy
• Visa Assistance 
• Travel and Ticketing arrangements
• Medical Checkup 
• Orientation program


Our Service Fee

Our Service fees are very reasonable and are on case-to-case basis, depending upon the requirements of the employer, we committee to your employers that we will not charge any Agent Fee or Replacement fee until the candidate get to your doorstep.